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Praxonomy is a secure, easy-to-use and practical application that manages all your board meetings and records. Praxonomy empowers your board to make better decisions while saving time and money.

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Essential tools for company secretaries

Praxonomy provides all the tools you need to administer your board more efficiently.

Praxonomy offers a complete toolset to help manage and track your board and committee meetings – from putting together agendas, board packs, to recording minutes and attendance and archiving meetings as official records.

The Agenda Builder allows administrators to associate meeting files in any formats with agenda items and collate them into a single pack with a table of contents for easy consumption. Directors can access up-to-date board papers with our built-in Board Pack Viewer.

Meeting-specific task management features help ensure every meeting is well prepared (in a collaborative fashion) and all post-meeting action items are assigned and tracked.

Praxonomy gives you complete control over your data. Spaces, board packs and files can be granted specific access privileges by user or by role. The system offers the ability to further customise files permission such as versioning and download restrictions.

Technology that empowers boards

Praxonomy drives good governance by equipping Directors with instant, secure access to up-to-date board information, and a centralised channel to communicate with fellow members.

Praxonomy makes it easier to prepare for meetings by providing a superior document viewing experience. You can quickly jump to specific sections of a board pack or search for text. Any changes to board packs are instantaneously pushed so you can walk into meetings knowing you have read the latest versions.

The Praxonomy Dashboard gives Directors a quick overview of what’s most important, including upcoming meetings (with shortcuts to agendas and board packs) in order to help Directors see and take action on priorities.

Easy-to-use features such as in-context commenting and space-level discussions make for more meaningful communication and collaboration between Directors, even outside the boardroom.

Praxonomy is optimised for devices in all form factors, whether laptop, tablet or smartphone, so it fits each Director’s individual workflows. And it’s cloud-based which allows 24/7 access to information anywhere with an internet connection.


High security for your most sensitive data

Exchanging sensitive information through traditional means such as email attachments, printouts and mass-market cloud storage solutions exposes boards to security risks. Praxonomy provides a centralised platform where all board information can be securely managed and shared.

Secure hosting

ISO 27001:2013 certified

Both Praxonomy and our data centres are ISO 27001:2013 certified, the gold standard for information security management system best practices.

Advanced data protection

Advanced data protection

Data held in Praxonomy is encrypted in transit and at rest. Encryption helps ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your communications, data and files.

Secure by design

Secure by design

We adopt a Secure by Design approach in our software development, which means Praxonomy is built from the ground up to be secure.

We ran our first paperless board meeting with Praxonomy within days of purchasing it. Our board members love the interface and found it very easy to use. Having the ability to organise all our meeting materials in one place with real time updates is transformational.

Frank Warnsing
Executive Director at SandSIV Group
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Go paperless today

No more printed, bulky, board papers or last-minute emails with the latest document version. The Praxonomy board portal enables more efficient meeting preparation, faster document creation and distribution, easier collaboration between Directors, better records management and much more. Above all, Praxonomy can help you save time and money. So go paperless today.

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